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Running a half marathon or marathon? Find out how to reduce your injury risk and enhance your perfor

Running a half marathon or a marathon is a huge challenge, and requires a large time commitment during the training period. Due to the training intensity and running distance, it is common for the leg muscles and fascia (connective tissue sheath) to become very tight. This can restrict joint range of movement and increase the risk of injury. After the amount of time spent training, it can be very disappointing to have to pull out of the race due to injury. Physiotherapy and Sports Massage can help to prevent injuries and release muscle tension, which can enhance performance on the day. A thorough examination can identify areas of pain and tension, which can then be relieved using specific techniques. Massage also increases circulation, which may also help to speed recovery after the marathon. When is the best time to have pre-race and post-race treatment? Runners usually receive regular treatment during the training phase, with a pre-race session booked in the week before the event. This is usually booked around 3-5 days before the race, to relax and prepare the muscles for the event. If treatment or massage has not been regularly received during the training phase, the pre-event massage should be booked slightly earlier to allow any muscle tenderness to settle before the day. A post-event treatment session in the week following the event can help to increase circulation and aid muscle recovery. Key benefits of Physiotherapy before / after a marathon: 1. Break down scar tissue and adhesions in the soft tissue. 2. Relax tense muscles and fascia, which is the connective tissue sheath that surrounds your muscles. 3. Improve muscle elasticity, which increases range of movement and reduces injury risk. 4. Increases circulation to the muscles, which can help to aid recovery. If you a running a half marathon, marathon or any other distance event, please feel free to contact us at Choice Physio on 01279 882518 to discuss your requirements. We are happy to give advice, information and treatment to help you perform at your best on the big day! Online booking is available on our website Choice Physio 2-3 Forelands Place Bell Pharmacy Bell street Sawbridgeworth Hertfordshire CM21 9Q 

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