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Can I have Physiotherapy If I ...

Am pregnant?

Absolutely! Physiotherapy is perfectly safe throughout pregnancy for any musculoskeletal condition you may be experiencing and can be extremely beneficial for pregnancy related symptoms such as Pelvic Girdle Pain, Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction, Sciatica and Lower Back Pain.

Have chronic pain?

Yes, Physiotherapy can aid in managing the symptoms of not only acute pain from a recent injury but also chronic pain (pain that has been present for longer than 6 months). There are a variety of treatment techniques that can be employed to assist you to manage the pain better and to aid your recovery.

As an alternative to surgery?

Yes, if you have been in consultation with a Doctor regarding your symptoms and possible treatment modalities, but you are wishing to avoid surgery if it is not required, then Physiotherapy is a great conservative treatment to help manage your symptoms, return you to functional activities and improve your quality of life.

Have recently had surgery?

Yes, Physiotherapy is often the first port of call post-surgery to avoid any post-surgical complications and to ensure range of movement is maintained and pain is decreased. As musculoskeletal Physiotherapists we are on hand for post orthopeadic surgeries to aid with reducing scar tissue around the surgery site, encouraging blood flow to aid healing and providing exercises to maintain and increase range of movement around the area. Your consultant will give you a timeline about your expected treatment plan and recovery.

Suffer from other medical conditions?

Yes, although we may have to adapt the treatment techniques we use based on the conditions you suffer from and the medications you are taking. We will do a full and thorough assessment prior to any treatment taking place to ensure we keep you safe whilst providing the best treatment for you.

Have only just injured myself?

Yes! The body naturally tries to heal itself after an injury and during this process it can produce scar tissue, this is not as flexible as your other soft tissue fibers and can therefore lead to tightness and pain. Therefore, the sooner you come in for treatment the quicker we can help to get you better by breaking down the scar tissue and stretching out the muscles.

Am already seeing a Chiropractor/Osteopath/etc?

We would suggest only being treated by one medical professional at a time as we would not want to give conflicting advice or provide treatment that may be of a hinderance to other treatment you are already receiving. If you are unsure which health care profession is best to see for your condition, please ring or pop in to discuss it further with one of our Physiotherapists.

I am under the age of 18?

Absolutely, Physiotherapy is for everybody, we see anyone from the age of 4 upwards as there are specialist peadiatric Physiotherapists for young children and we ask that anyone under the age of 18 comes with an accompanying adult

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