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Hip and back pain during pregnancy?

We can help!

Pelvic Girdle Pain often presents as pain in the lower back, pain at the front pubic bone, and sometimes down the thighs. Women suffering with PGP often struggle with activities such as walking, going up stairs, turning over in bed, and getting out of a car, just to name a few!

Pelvic Girdle Pain might be common (from 20% to 50% of pregnant women), but it is NOT 'normal', and not something that you should just 'put up with' during pregnancy. If untreated, PGP can worsen in symptoms, and women will often suffer postpartum with PGP, many months after giving birth.

Our women's health and musculoskeletal specialising physiotherapists are here to help! Our treatments include manual therapy, soft tissue massage, exercise prescription and activity modification. Choice Physios are able to use their expert knowledge to give you a detailed assessment and personalised treatment plan.

Pregnancy is often a turbulent but amazing journey, and here at Choice, we strive to support you every step of the way. If you think you're suffering with PGP, book an appointment at

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