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Introducing the MUMMY MOT: Your Essential Postnatal Check!

What is Mummy MOT?
Mummy Mot

Introducing the MUMMY MOT: Your Essential Postnatal Check! 🌟

🤰 Are you an expectant mom or a new mother seeking specialised care for your postnatal well-being? Look no further! At Choice Physio, we're thrilled to introduce our latest service: the MUMMY MOT.

✨ What is the MUMMY MOT? The MUMMY MOT is a comprehensive postnatal check designed exclusively for moms-to-be and new mothers. Our experienced physiotherapists are dedicated to ensuring your journey into motherhood is as smooth as possible.

🌈 Why Choose the MUMMY MOT?

  • Personalized Care: Tailored assessments to address your unique postnatal needs.

  • Reassurance and Support: Gain confidence in your body's recovery with our expert guidance.

  • Holistic Approach: We focus on both physical and emotional well-being, ensuring you feel your best.

🩹 Services Offered:

  1. Backache Relief: Our specialized assessments and treatments target back pain, offering relief and promoting a strong, pain-free back.

  2. Pubic Joint and Inner Thigh Pain Solutions: Address discomfort in the pubic joint and inner thigh through targeted physiotherapy techniques.

  3. Pain with Turning in Bed or Walking: Alleviate pain associated with movements like turning in bed or walking with personalized strategies for improved comfort.

  4. Leaking When You Laugh or Sneeze: Our MUMMY MOT includes assessments and exercises to address and prevent urinary incontinence, ensuring you feel confident in every moment.

🌈 For New Moms: Navigating the Postnatal Journey

🌟 Perineal Trauma Support: For mums who have experienced perineal trauma following a cut or tear, our MUMMY MOT provides specialised care and strategies for healing.

🚻 Bladder or Bowel Problems? We're Here to Help:

  • Urgency: Address the urgency of bladder or bowel movements through targeted assessments and personalized plans.

  • Frequency: Manage frequent trips to the bathroom with our expert guidance.

  • Nighttime Disruptions: Say goodbye to getting up in the night with our strategies to promote restful sleep.

👩‍⚕️ Trust in Our Expertise: Our team of certified physiotherapists specializes in women's health, providing you with the highest level of care during this transformative time.

🌐 How to Book Your MUMMY MOT: Ready to prioritize your postnatal health? Schedule your MUMMY MOT with Choice Physio today! Contact us at 01279 882518 or visit our website for more details.

✨ Choice Physio - Nurturing Your Well-being Through Every Stage of Motherhood!

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