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Your guide to tendonitis, and how to prevent it!

Tendonitis / tendinopathy occurs when there is degeneration in a tendon, and this is usually associated with overuse or sudden movement injury to the area. Swimmers can be at risk of developing tendinitis / tendinopathy, due to the repetitive nature of swimming training. Tendons are strong bands of tissue that connect muscles to bones, and when injured, they can become painful, swollen, weak and stiff.

The main symptoms of tendinitis are:

  • pain in the tendon - which can get worse when exercising or moving.

  • swelling in or around the tendon, sometimes with redness or heat in the area 

  • a palpable lump in the tendon - more common in the achilles tendon compared to other tendon sites 

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, initial treatment to help can include:

  • Rest - stop the activity that caused the injury or is causing it to continue

  • Ice - placing an ice pack (wrapped in a towel or cloth) on the area for 15 minutes every 1-2 hours can help to reduce swelling

  • Compression - can help to support the area

  • Elevation - elevate the limb by placing it on a cushion or stool when sitting down 

If the tendon pain continues and does not ease with the above self treatment, then Physiotherapy can help to speed along the healing process. Physiotherapy treatments, such as massage, acupuncture, shockwave therapy, taping and exercises, can help to speed along the healing process to enable you to return to sport as soon as possible. We also work to rehabilitate the tendon, so it can withstand increased load and therefore reduce the risk of tendinitis recurring again.

Ways you can reduce the risk of developing tendinitis, include:

  • Warming up before exercising and stretching afterwards

  • Ensuring diversity within your training schedule, so you are not always repeating the exact same movements during sessions

  • Avoid over-exercising tired muscles, rest if your body needs it

If you have the symptoms of tendinitis, we are here to help! We use hands on Physiotherapy treatment to help you get back to training and swimming competitions as soon as possible. If there is anything we can do to help you, please feel free to call us on 01279 882518 or you can book online at

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